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Sugar daddy – Seeking Arrangements The rising phenomenon in online dating..

Online dating has become quite popular over the last few decades. From finding life partners to meeting new people, online dating sites cater to almost all needs of those who are looking for companionship of some type or the other. And one such need that has attained importance over the past few years is to find companions who would like to be sugar daddies or Sugar babies. ‘Sugar daddy’ or ‘Sugar baby’ is a present-day cult that denotes a relation that is quite different to the usual dating relations that we often hear about. This is a modern age trend, and the demand for such a relationship is quite high during the present times.

Who is a Sugar daddySeeking Arrangements?

For those who are totally unaware of the term or its meaning, it is vital that you understand what it actually means. A Sugar daddy is a male, usually rich and maybe older, who looks companionship of younger and beautiful girls in exchange of valuable gifts that they offer to their Sugar baby from time to time. This is a consensual relation and the terms (of what the male wants and what he is willing to offer) are usually established consensual. A Sugar daddy is expected to look after the needs of the baby, and pamper her too, in return for the companionship as well as the sexual favors offered by the baby.

 Who can be a Sugar daddy?

Well, the general notion is that a Sugar daddy is an old man who has more money than sense to spend and wants to acquire sexual favors from young women who are up for that sort of thing. But the reality is quite different. It isn’t necessary that a Sugar daddy has to be an old man; he can be a young or middle-aged man too. Not only that, they may be middle class as well, not strictly very rich. They may be single, married or even divorced. But what is usually common among them is that they do not have what they crave for, and the Sugar babies seeking arrangement need to fulfill the gap that exists in their life.

They may be sick and tired of their bad marriage and be looking for some respite; they may be lonely looking for some good companionship without the risks of emotional attachment, or they may be looking for just a beautiful arm candy to accompany them to parties, dinners, or on adventure trips.

What to expect as a Sugar babySeeking Arrangements?

Just as your Sugar daddy will have some expectations from you, you, too, need to understand what you want out of the relationship. But before you even start to think about your demands, first introspect and do that thoroughly. It is important to understand that this will be quite different from the regular boyfriend-girlfriend relationship and you must be ready, psychologically and socially to accept the relationship for what it actually is. Else this might create problems for you.

Once you are sure that you are up for it, then comes the time to decide what you really want out of the relation. Do you simply want money or would like money as well as gifts? You may also like the pampering that you get in such a relation, or you may wish to travel or shop extensively. Whatever your need be, you need to clarify the same precisely before you go into a relationship with a Sugar daddy. The terms are usually pre-defined and to get the privileges, make sure that you are clear with your Sugar daddy.

How to become a Sugar daddy or Sugar baby?

With the internet playing the main role in dating, it is quite easy to find the right companion for yourself, even if you want to be a Sugar daddy or Sugar baby. Thanks to the internet, it is quite convenient now to find the right kind of partner for you. There are numerous quality dating sites that are specifically designed for those who are interested in Sugar daddy or baby relationship. It is not longer a taboo as it used to be and with the boom of Sugar daddy dating sites, finding someone like-minded is really simple now. Here are some tips to meet new people on these sites:

A relevant profile – When you are willing to become a Sugar daddy or Sugar babySeeking Arrangements, it is important that your profile reflects the same desire as well. It will definitely be different from normal dating profiles, and you have to specifically mention why you are looking for Sugar babies, what you expect from them, what you are willing to offer and so on. You have to be honest to find the right person for yourself.

Also, you should update your profile regularly. Your interests, demands, profile pics, etc. should be up-to-date, or you may face difficulty in finding your partner.

Research well – Once you have made your demands clear, it is time that you research into the profiles of those who are willing to become Sugar babies. Each person has his/her own desires and limitations, and you have to ensure that your baby can offer what you are looking for and you can provide what she is looking for. There is no scope of hiding here. If you are not forthright, you may not get what you are looking for.

Sugar Daddy Seeking Arrangement
Sugar Daddy Seeking Arrangement.


Be careful – Whether you are male/female, always try to be safe when looking for a match. It is prudent that you do not share personal information at the very start. It is better to know a person and then meet them. Also, frauds are also common in such relations. Women pose to be Sugar babies and pursue men to send money, while men without money pose to sugar daddies and take sexual favors. So, do a thorough background check before you get into a relationship. Check if the information he/she provided is true or not and let your brain do the judgment.

Be realistic – In spite of the fact that the relation revolves around fulfilling each other’s desires, it would be foolish to expect too much. So, don’t expect a runaway model to be your arm candy unless you can pay up huge amounts of cash and do not expect over-generous allowances and gifts if you are not a bombshell. If you are an average looking girl, expect moderate gifts and money and if you can spend only a dime, expect a woman worth a dime. Nothing more, nothing less. Continue Reading…


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